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Sony and Honda to work together on future electric vehicles

Sony and Honda to work together on future electric vehicles

(Pocket-lint) – Sony and Honda are going to work together to create new electric vehicles, the two companies have announced. They’ve signed a memorandum of understanding to create a new company entirely, with the plan to release its first EV by 2025.

Honda will, unsurprisingly, be the one building the first car from a design standpoint, while Sony will seemingly be in charge of its service platform.

Given that earlier this year Sony showed off concept cars at CES to demonstrate its commitment to getting into the vehicle game, this might well be the logical step that it was hoping for.

Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony’s CEO, said that the partnership will help Sony “contribute to the evolution of mobility centered around safety, entertainment and adaptability”, which sounds nice.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe, meanwhile, said the new company will be able to leverage “Honda’s cutting-edge technology and know-how in relation to the environment and safety, while aligning the technological assets of both companies”.

We’ll obviously have to wait a good long while before we get any concrete details about what the first vehicle might look like or the specs it’ll offer, but it’s fun to know that we’re going to get a new entrant into the EV market fairly soon.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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