20th Anniversary S2000 front bumper

20th Anniversary S2000 front bumper


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20th Anniversary S2000 front bumper

With the extreme popularity of the now discontinued 20th Anniversary front bumper by Honda that once was displayed in Auto Salon 2019, the new modern design has taken everyone by storm and immediately sold out Honda’s limited run of this S2000 bumper. The popularity was so impressive that the Honda factory was backordered for almost a full year to produce enough .Img 20220603 232125 615 honda motor parts

Since MITA is always looking to innovate the automotive world by looking at other manufacturing ways than the traditional ways. We would like to present our replica of the 20th Anniversary Front Bumper made completely in Polypropylene plastic. We decided to use polypropylene (PP) plastic due to it being considered the safest of all plastics; it is a robust heat-resistant plastic in comparison to ABS. Another major consideration on why PP was because it is the automotive standard material for exterior bumpers and is the same plastic used as the original OEM 20th anniversary .Img 20220603 232125 669 honda motor parts


  1. AP1 S2000s will require modifications to the front bumper or need the newer AP2 generation front bar. Some mounting points may differ for AP1 models.

  2. As with all body panels, please expect fitment to be variable based on your vehicle. MITA cannot promise perfect fitment for every S2000.

  3. Please apply an additional layer of base primer before painting to prevent swirling of paint.

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